"One Arranged Murder" by Chetan Bhagat: A Thrilling Tale of Love, Betrayal, and Murder

Delhi, the city of dreams and ambition, is known for its fast-paced lifestyle. But in the midst of this bustling city, a murder mystery unfolds.

"One Arranged Murder" by Chetan Bhagat is a captivating and thrilling tale of love, betrayal, and murder. The story follows Keshav, a successful Delhi-based businessman, who is accused of murdering his friend Saurabh.

Desperate to clear his name and find the real killer, Keshav turns to his childhood friend and amateur detective, Saurabh's wife, for help.

The characters are well-developed and relatable, each having their own secrets and motivations. The story's twists and turns keep readers engaged, and the suspense is maintained throughout the book.

"One Arranged Murder" is not a real story, but it is inspired by true events. The author has stated that the book is a work of fiction, and any similarities to real-life events or people are purely coincidental.

Chetan Bhagat is a well-known Indian author, famous for his best-selling novels.

"One Arranged Murder" is a good book, especially for those who enjoy murder mysteries and suspense thrillers. The book is well-paced, and the writing style is easy to follow, making it a quick and enjoyable read.

While "One Arranged Murder" is a standalone novel, it introduces the protagonist Keshav from Chetan Bhagat's previous novel, "The Girl in Room 105".

In conclusion, "One Arranged Murder" is an exciting and well-written book that will keep readers engaged from start to finish. It is a great addition to the murder mystery genre and is a must-read for Chetan Bhagat fans and anyone who enjoys a good thriller.

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