The 10 Books to Read in August 2023

The 10 Books to Read in August 2023

Join us as we delve into these captivating tales and discover the literary treasures that await you this August.

1. The Best Possible Experience by Nishanth Injam

In “The Best Possible Experience,” a young man’s bus journey to his hometown turns intriguing as fellow passengers vanish into a restroom, while a woman’s visit to her grandfather in an Indian village reveals his connection to lingering spirits.

2. Chase Me by Tessa Bailey

Dive into a captivating and uproarious romantic comedy trilogy, chronicling the intertwined lives of three alluring yet destitute strangers who chance upon a shared New York City apartment.

3. Need Me by Tessa Bailey

As Ben realizes Honey’s identity and fights their attraction, he must prove his profound need for her, safeguarding a love that became the best part of his life.

4. Make Me by Tessa Bailey

Abby Sullivan, an uptown sophisticate, has ensnared rugged construction worker Russell Hart’s affections, though he doubts his blue-collar roots could truly satisfy her.

5. Déjà Karma by Vish Dhamija

In pursuit of a twisted truth: Jay Singh, a flamboyantly cunning defense attorney, boasts an unparalleled winning streak, fabricating ironclad alibis with unconventional tactics.

6. The Trackers by Charles Frazier

Set against the backdrop of Depression-era America, artist Val Welch’s journey to Dawes, Wyoming, takes an unexpected turn when he secures a New Deal assignment to create a mural for the town’s Post Office.

7. Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Step into the relentless realm of Basgiath War College, a domain cloaked in intrigue where survival is uncertain with each passing night. Violet Sorrengail, twenty years of age, was meant for the tranquil haven of the Scribe Quadrant, immersed in books and history.

8. Unsealed Covers by Gautam Bhatia

“Unsealed Covers” by Gautam Bhatia offers a unique glimpse into the transformation of the Indian judiciary from 2014 to 2023, encompassing the rise of the NDA government post the 2014 general election and its reinforced dominance in 2019.

9. Assassin by K.R. Meera

From the award-winning author of Hangwoman emerges a gripping narrative: one fateful November night in 2016, Satyapriya, a middle-aged professional living alone in a bustling city, survives an assault that reveals itself to be part of a sinister pattern.

10. Beyond Fear by Ian Cardozo

These narratives collectively emphasize the universal nature of fear while prompting reflection on whether to confront or evade it.

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