Weekly Horoscope: 18 to 24 June 2023

What's in your Destiny?

Welcome to your Weekly Horoscope for June 18 to 24, 2023. Let's see what the stars have in store for you this week.

Aries: The Devil

This week Aries, you are trapped in a certain negative emotional blockage that you feel is not in your control and you are unable to come out.

Taurus: Strength

This week Taurus, you need inner strength to face all the challenges in life. Just be strong and face the challenge.

Gemini: King of Swords

This week, you are more focused on your career and wanted to fulfill your goals.

Cancer: The Star

This week, Cancer, you will be hopeful and have faith in the Universe that you are blessed and happy.

Leo: King of Pentacles

This week Leo, you might receive new opportunities that will help you to grow financially.

Virgo: 6 of Cups

This week Virgo, you might go back to your previous job which will help you to grow in your career.

Libra: The Hanged Man

This week Libra, you need to take a pause from your work and reflect within yourself to find the right purpose in your life.

Scorpio: Knight of Wands

This week Scorpio, you are very passionate and ambitious towards your goals and move towards achieving it.

Sagittarius: 2 of Cups

This week Sagittarius, if you are single, you might receive the love of your life.

Capricorn: Queen of Wands

This week, Capricorns you are very passionate and energetic about your career and building a network in order to achieve success.

Aquarius: 7 of Wands

This week, Aquarius, you need to push a little extra in order to make your opinion heard as there is lots of competition and people will try to pull you down.

Pisces: 8 of Pentacles

This week Pisces, you need to put extra effort to be successful and get appreciation from your bosses.

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