Weekly Horoscope: 30 April to 6 May 2023

What's in your Destiny?

Welcome to your Weekly Horoscope for April 30 to May 6, 2023. Let's see what the stars have in store for you this week.

Aries: The Emperor

This week, Aries, you will be getting a leadership position in your workplace and guiding your team members to work on a common goal. You have a clear vision and ambition this week to complete your goal.

Taurus: 6 of Wands

This week, Taurus, your hard work will be appreciated by your superior and you will be rewarded for your success and will be appreciated in front of everyone. It also indicates promotion and salary increments.

Gemini: 8 of Cups

This week, you might be walking away from a difficult situation that is not serving you any purpose, despite your efforts, it’s only causing pain in your life. It is the only solution to run away from the situation to find peace and happiness.

Cancer: The Hermit

This week, Cancer, you might be taking a break from your routine job without mobile and gadgets for soul searching and introspection. You will be looking within yourself to find life’s purpose.

Leo: 6 of Swords

This week is a transition period for you Leo. If you are looking for a job change, you might go to another city for an interview. It also indicates, letting go of anything which is holding you from happiness and success.

Virgo: Ace of Swords

This week, Virgo, you might get intellectual and analytical opportunities. Also, if you were stuck in some important situation, this week you will get the breakthrough or answer to your situation.

Libra: Page of Swords

This week, Libra, you might receive new opportunities which require communication and logical reasoning. It also indicates you are getting lots of new ideas in your mind and you seek knowledge of how to implement those ideas.

Scorpio: Queen of Cups

This week, Scorpio, you are emotional and taking decisions from the heart. Also, some might be compassionate towards their loved ones. It also indicates working on Creative projects in the workplace. You are very kind.

Sagittarius: The Fool

This week, you might be taking a risk on a new project in your workplace based on your leap of faith in the Universe. It is the time for new beginnings and new opportunities coming your way.

Capricorn: The Magician

This week, Capricorns, you have all the power within you to make your dreams and goals fulfilled. The universe is blessing you to manifest your desires.

Aquarius: 6 of Pentacles

This week, Aquarius, your hard work will be rewarded with a salary increment and Growth. It also indicates you will be helping your team members to achieve their goals.

Pisces: 5 of Swords

This week, Pisces, you need to stay silent in your workplace and not argue with your superiors as there might be disagreement in opinion. Arguments might affect your relationship as spoken words cannot be taken back and you might lose trust.

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