Every Tuesday starting today, we would be sharing a prompt to ignite your creative side. This week, keeping it lighter, write a poem on music!

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Our take on Music Prompt:

“Forgetting the Grief”

It’s hard to believe

Dancing to the tune

Forgetting all the Grieve

Under the silver moon

Loved being in the rustic life

Of rugged heart and mind

Of the peace and strife

This music makes it all go blind!

Are you ready? Post your take in the comments section below!

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  1. Music, feels and heals.

    Music gives me hope,
    Music gives me dope.
    It wakes me up, feeling good.
    I guess I’m addicted, sets the mood.

    I live by some sound,
    I need it forever.
    To music I am bound;
    Cant let it go, never-ever.

    I can listen to good music anytime,
    Morning, noon, night, its prime.
    Its there with me all the time,
    Good, bad, happy, sad, worth every dime.

    To music I surrender,
    Clearly makes me wonder.
    The extent is extreme and vast,
    Reminds yet gets me over my past.

    Gets memories back in a flash,
    Makes me associate faces slash
    Experiences which leave a smile
    The list in unending, builds a pile.

    I believe these tunes are uplifting,
    They are boons, worth gifting.
    One making music feels the pentatonic,
    With majors and minors its platonic.

    -Partth Jaain

  2. Charukesi

    Melting with the golden dusk’s saffron veil,
    You let your beauteous presence trail,
    In the mesmerizing tunes of a ” Charukesi” bursting in my chest pining,
    As I watch songbirds pick up tunes you strewed, to their nests returning,
    The sundown makes me ache as I wait with bated breath,
    Oh my love you cannot keep me waiting in my death,
    For here my pulse races thudding in my solitude,
    As I gaze for hours at the petaled path that welcome your feet, in gratitude,
    But there you go charming every girl in the countryside,
    And they strut with noses in the air with pride,
    While my flowers wither from my plaited tresses in anguish,
    How you tease me as I make every Earthly wish,
    That you would take me by your hand through this forest,
    Where birth and life shut out the light, and I dream to lay my head to rest,
    On your loving shoulders that bear the travails of this existence,
    Krishna wondering and waiting is for you is my happy penance.
    Geethanjali Dilip

  3. Land of music
    (The last word in a line becomes the first of the next.)

    Mine is a sun drenched land
    Land of carnatic music
    Music needs no words
    Words divide people.
    People come together here.
    Here they appreciate the flow
    The flow of melody and rhythm.
    Rhythm is not just the beat.
    Beat of drum, rising thrum echoing
    Echoing in the beat of people’s hearts.
    Hearts that appreciate music
    Music that transcends the divide
    The divide made by men
    Men who quarrel wordily with each other
    Other-worldly music brings together.


    In the music of the planets
    How many voices orchestrate —
    Meteors whistling through the air
    Sounding thin and rare.
    The sighing, the swooshing,
    The susurration of seas
    Somewhere the slurping of poisonous soups
    Somewhere strange fluids whisper
    Molten metals, clear liquids, colored gases.
    No no two sounding alike.
    The deep- voiced contralto volcanos
    With wide open red mouths.
    The bass drums of thunder and
    electrical discharge
    All create cosmic melodies–
    Each world’s voice unique
    But harmonizing to create
    The music of the spheres.

  4. Music:

    ”Strike the right chord.”

    There is always an incredible magic about music; the very word has a gentle rhythm that instantly energizes our mind. Beyond words and language, music travels through all the compartments of the wind, crosses horizons and territories, touching and ruling hearts.

    When the soul needs a lullaby, our anger a vent, quivering aches a soothing balm, there is no elixir better than music. Music handholds all the rasas within us, to find expression.
    Music is an invisible healing, a tender cuddle that wipes away our loneliness. In just seven notes, infinite fountains bursts! Isn’t that incredible?

    Like the wind, percussion and, stringed instruments, some voices are winged with multiple tones that either fill a chaotic mind with serenity, or feed a tired soul, with refreshing rhythm of the universe…
    Voices are like the generous rain that rejuvenates the parched Earth, like a whiff of Lavender, sandal or oranges to fatigue nerves. Music is a great escape, that discovers a better version of the self. Music, is a spontaneous invasive procedure, that touches our soul, and heals.

    Where is Music? What color is it? Well, where life is, there music is; music is a rainbow of infinite colors and shades. Kaleidoscope of joy.
    Music, is felt even in the mellifluous melody of silence. Music is in the golden gates of the sky that open at dawn, in the greeting of the birds, in the gentle breeze that whispers hope into the buds, in the tall mountains, in the intoxicating moon, in the warmth of friendship, in the rivers’ anklets, in a child’s timid cry, in the tears of a lover, in the angst of a soldier, in words of compassion, in the hands that toil, in the shoulders we lean on…

    There is music everywhere even beyond the notes, instruments and, beyond all the sounds in the universe; there is abundant music even for the hearing impaired, to listen with their hearts; there are songs to be sung by the speech impaired, through their kind eyes. The colors and fragrance of music can be seen and felt even by the visually challenged, through a receptive soul.

    When a melody can be a blossoming of a memory, then life itself is a song to cherish, a journey of music to be relished all the way; we unconsciously compose our own tunes, add our lyrics and, sing to our heart’s content, the rhythm changing with each experience; with little efforts each day, we all can prevent dissonances, and create an opera of universal love.

    Music. Music is nectar to the soul. . .
    why wait? Let us be flowers and brim in sweetness; let us be the nurturing songs.
    ~Madhumathi. H

  5. Music My Love ( Title of Poem)

    Music, when did you come into my life?
    Was it in the form of gentle rhythm
    While still in my mother’s womb?
    No idea of course!

    Yet I am told
    Even as a little one
    I would crane my neck towards the radio
    Playing melodious film songs
    Insist on listening and cry if taken away from it!

    In later years I enjoyed listening
    To all forms of music
    Movies, folk, western , devotional
    Sadly no formal exposure or training
    To, in classical music
    Saving grace was that those days,
    Many, rather most film songs
    Were based on classical ragas!

    Today, I sing in the bathroom
    To my heart’s content
    Can’t imagine a world without sound
    Without music! I am after all in NLP terms
    what they call predominantly “Auditory”

    Would love it, if In my last days, I
    Got to listen to you music divine
    Even as I leave this world
    And travel to the other world
    Music! Dear friend, dear love
    Thou has made living in this world
    © Rajeev Moothedath

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