Poetic Tuesday Prompts 10: Memories

Every Tuesday, we would be sharing a prompt to ignite your creative side. This week, write a poem or a verse on memories!

Memories can make you happy or sad? What is the best memory you ever had? Or maybe the worst one? What feelings, emotions do these memories bring in you?

Commenting Rules – You can share your take in the comments section below. It’s advised not to spam and not to post obscene or vulgar comments. Anything of this sort will be deleted.


My take on the prompt: Memories

“As I Rekindle with my Memories” by Saurabh Chawla

The sunkissed leaves

Said something to me

I can hear them murmur

And feel the pain as they bereave

The trees dance to the melodies

As I sat there, below them

Have I been here before?

As I rekindle with my memories!

Are you ready? Post your poem/verse in the comments section below!

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  1. “Memories…”

    The river of life keeps flowing
    While memories in different hues
    Become beautiful pebbles, shimmering…
    Ah! A handful of them, held close
    Moments dripping from each pebble…
    Slithering away are some smiles
    Laughter, anger, desolation
    Teardrops, solitude, and silences too…

    Some blush, like the dew-kissed roses
    Intoxicating love, music-filled heart
    Myriad memories unfold
    As each pebble whispers its name
    The colors are silk and honey to the ear…
    The river still flows…
    More and more pebbles
    Wrapped in perpetual moisture
    Scented by nostalgia…

    To carry them all
    Or leave them behind
    Both weigh the same…
    Like stolen kisses
    Hidden memories are sweeter
    When we seek
    They hide
    When we forget
    They bloom like these countless pebbles
    Making the river blush
    For a moment
    The flow becomes love
    Waters life…
    ~Madhumathi. H

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