Poetic Tuesday Prompts 11: Missing

Every Tuesday, we would be sharing a prompt to ignite your creative side. This week, write a poem or a verse on missing!

There are a lot of things that can be missing from your life or there maybe someone you are missing badly! What is it or who is it you are missing too much?

Commenting Rules – You can share your take in the comments section below. It’s advised not to spam and not to post obscene or vulgar comments. Anything of this sort will be deleted.

Photo by Felipe Cespedes from Pexels

My take on the prompt: Missing

“I Miss You” by Saurabh Chawla

I miss holding hands with you

The kiss, the walks we used to have

I miss your voice

That soothes my nerves

I miss the times we used to talk

Till early dawn, till our eyes begged for sleep

I miss the sensuous touch

That sent currents down my body

I miss the starlight sky under which

We planned to make passionate love!

I miss the times we were together

I wish those times to be back soon

I miss you a lot!

Are you ready? Post your poem/verse in the comments section below!

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