Every Tuesday, we would be sharing a prompt to ignite your creative side. This week, write a poem or a verse describing the sound of silence!

Have you been in a place where there is absolute, pin-drop silence? If you have been, you can draw inspiration from your experience. If not, you can imagine how the silence would sound and come up with your own version of it.

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Our take on the prompt: Sound of Silence

“The Silent Orchestra”

Traveling far down the road

Reached the destination

No one to be seen or felt

Within miles

Except for the zephyr

The trees dancing

To the symphony orchestra

Of silent flutes and violins

I enjoyed the sound of silence…

Are you ready? Post your poem/verse in the comments section below!

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    When my eyes close
    to the outer world
    of glitter and glamour,
    my spiritual eyes open
    and I awaken
    to perceive an unknown world.

    When my ears close
    to shut out the noisy clamour
    overwhelming my senses,
    I hear a whisper
    echoing in the golden
    depths of tranquility.

    When my lips are sealed
    against an utterance
    of the sounds of resonance,
    words fade into oblivion
    as I learn to speak
    the language of the soul.

    The closed doors gently open,
    the materialistic fetters
    loosen their tenacious hold,
    the ancient bondages of the thought
    struggle to break free,
    lifting me into the heavenly realms.

    The blank canvas of my soul
    is now splashed with a riot of colours
    to form a kaleidoscope of hues
    on a star-spangled sky.
    I drift in ecstasy
    in all-pervading bliss
    till the twinkling stars
    are struck by a flash of brilliance,
    a call from the Divine.

    An inner effulgence beckons
    and I find myself
    amongst the starry heavens
    till my being is absorbed
    into a vortex of blinding light.

    I drift inwards
    deeper and deeper
    till I find that I am lost,
    I lose cognizance of
    my name, fame, desires, intellect
    and discover
    that I have found
    my true nature: CHAITANYA.

    Excerpt from the book – Karmic City: The City of Lord Brahma.

  2. “Multicolored silence”

    Had a glimpse, then
    And listened for hours
    To your silence…
    Like the flight of a butterfly
    Melting of dew
    The voice of silence
    Bloomed gently into words
    Like cotton seeds bursting, and
    Floating in soft muteness…
    My eyes followed
    Wherever they glided…
    I blew them to higher altitudes
    And saw them drift farther…
    How else can I hear again
    Your silences often
    If I collect them all, and read at once…
    I shall wait
    For more and more glimpses
    To keep in touch
    With the rhythm
    Of your unspoken words…
    ~Madhumathi. H

  3. The Song Of Silence

    Silent, the lyric I sung,
    As in my mother’s womb I hung,
    A pupa shrouded in a pre-birth coffin..

    Silent, my breath-song, cosmic hum,
    Ageless rendition, unchanged for aeons to come..

    Silent indeed, the swirl in the whirl, wet,
    Of churning Soul in the Beloved’s goblet..

    Silent, the roaring ocean in the Master’s gaze,
    Washing the grime of many a lifetime, doth erase..

    Silent, the throbbing Samadhi, alive, buzzing like a bee hive,
    Giving off its honey for any who can strive
    To tune into the song of silence.

    © Kamar Sultana Sheik

  4. Nādam

    Who would have heard
    The primordial silences
    Of life, better than me?
    I, who snaked through
    The ancient waters,
    In the broth of Life?
    I, who am the breath-serpent,
    Hissing up your spine
    As kundalini?

    I need no ears,
    Hearing through my body..
    Spoken word or symphony,
    Everything vibrates through my serpentine Self
    As I dance in esoteric rhythm,
    Mesmerizing you..
    For, from whom else
    Have I heard the nada,
    Other than he – of the matted hair
    And blue throat?
    Swaying around his neck,
    I learnt to hear
    The unstruck sound..
    Nadam – the reverberation of karma and dharma,
    Poetry, supreme, of manifest creation,
    And became part of his bliss..!
    Come, sit with me, if you can,
    And learn of silences and stillness,
    And how it can move you,

    ©Kamar Sultana Sheik

  5. Only silence is left
    The house is bereft
    And oh-so-empty when
    Christmas is done
    and school begun
    Ribbons and paper are in the trash
    With broken bits from the cookie stash.
    Vacations vanish in a flash
    The holiday ends, silence descends,
    But I’m not lonely or sad,
    For my best ever presents
    Are memories that matter-
    Roomful of children and lively chatter.

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