Tuesday Poetry Prompt 13: Sin

Every Tuesday, we would be sharing a poetry prompt to ignite your creative side. This week, write a poem or a verse on Sin!

Everybody may agree or not but according to the others they might have committed a sin at least once in their life. Do you agree with this?

This week, we would like you to write a poem or a verse on the Tuesday Poetry Prompts 13: Sin. If you believe you have committed a sin, you can write about that and unburden yourself or if you believe you have seen someone commit a sin, you can write about that as well.

Commenting Rules – You can share your take in the comments section below. It’s advised not to spam and not to post obscene or vulgar comments. Anything of this sort will be deleted.

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My take on the poetry prompt: Sin

“Sinful Life”

Looking myself in the mirror

Remembering the past

Of all the times I have suffered

And the time I got blessed

Wondering about the life I had

All the good that I have done

And the bad I had to do

In order to survive

In this cruel world

Of sinister, hypocrites,

Full of blatant lies

Moving away but pulled again

Not knowing how much more

I have to suffer

For the sins, I committed

Knowingly or unknown

To my soul that will be

Thrashing myself again

As I write this poem today

Tired of being a part

Of this endless strife

Yet, I have to live this sinful life!

Are you ready? Post your poem/verse in the comments section below!

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