Tuesday Poetry Prompt 14: War


Every Tuesday, we would be sharing a poetry prompt to ignite your creative side. This week, write a poem or a verse on War!

Everybody knows that world needs peace more than it needs war. War is something that can destroy humanity as well as our lovely planet Earth. As the Russia Ukraine conflict and war deepens, the humans, the common man are the ones at the suffering end. Agreed?

This week, we would like you to write a poem on your feelings about war. Is it justified? Is it above humanity? What do you think could have been a better approach than declaring war straightaway? Share your poems and verses in the comments section below!

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1914, World War 1, Highland Territorials in a trench, Photographer - H. D. Girdwood
1914, World War 1, Highland Territorials in a trench, Photographer – H. D. Girdwood

My take on the poetry prompt: War

“Perils of War

Running out of the house

On the sound of a gun

Remembering the times

When I had a lot of fun

Fearing to death that

I can see anytime

Coming from any direction

What’s my crime?

A bomb destroyed my house

I used to play in

Tired of this game

Of cat and mouse

A thin line between a decision

Not too close, not far

To prevent the destruction

From the perils of war!

Are you ready? Post your poem/verse in the comments section below!

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