tips to overcome writer's block

We all have it! A writer, whether he’s writing or not, encounter writer’s block at some point in their writing journey. Not sure what writer’s block is?

Writer’s block is something that hinders you to proceed with what you are currently writing. In the case you are writing something afresh, then it is the inability to start with something new.

The causes of writer’s block are somewhat unknown in the modern world. In the early 1970s, clinical psychologists Jerome Singer and Michael Barrios conducted research on writers suffering from writer’s block. What they found out was that the writer’s block is driven by four broad factors –

– Self-criticism that goes awfully wrong

– Lack of motivation from the outside, like attention and praise

 – Lack of internal motivation

– Fear of comparison to other writers

Do you also suffer from any of the above feelings? Do you think these are reversible? Well, it depends on what kind of writer you are. Moreover, it depends on the purpose with which you started writing. was it to impress someone? Was it to tell your story to the masses out there?

In this article, let’s focus on how we can overcome or cure (we believe it is the right word) writer’s block. We have listed below 10 effective ways that you can use to overcome writer’s block.

1. Take a break

Sometimes it becomes too much when you keep yourself busy in writing always. It is better to take a break from your writing routine and indulge yourself in non-writing activities.

The best way to utilize this break is to go on an observation spree. Go to a park, watch a film, go to an exhibition, listen to people speaking around you. Observe the things around you.

Sometimes, our surroundings have an answer to where we are stuck. Maybe you get an idea while listening to a conversation of people in your surroundings.

2. Writing Routine to your Rescue

Many of us keep on writing whenever we feel like it. It’s a good thing though a routine helps you tune your brain to write even better.

We are always advised to follow a sleeping routine, exercise regimen so why not follow a writing routine? This way the brain gets attuned to the thoughts and accordingly we get the ideas.

The best way is to develop a writing routine and make sure to stick to it!

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3. Believe in the saying, “Nothing is perfect”  

If you struggle with writer’s block because you are not getting that perfect plot or storyline, maybe you are not able to build a perfect character, or want to use the perfect words, then this one is for you.

If you want perfection to rule your head, writer’s block will make a nice little home in your mind. Don’t pressurize on yourself to sound perfect every time, especially your first draft.

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4. Don’t Start at the Beginning

Often we tend to follow the chronological order of the events happening in the story. Don’t stress yourself to start from the beginning. Instead, start with the middle or maybe with the third-fourth, wherever you feel comfortable and confident to start at.

The story can be eventually built around it. The pressure will be less as you will trick yourself into being halfway through the plot.

5. Different tools can help

In the modern technology world, we use different gadgets every day. Even for writing, you might be using word processor software like Microsoft Word, Notepad, WordPad, etc.

What we are saying is to switch it for pen and paper. Our brains have been used to more traditional ways of doing things. You can even switch software too. For example, try writing by using Google Docs!

A little change in the tools and techniques can improve your productivity a lot.

6. Take a Shower

Often some of the great ideas come while we are in the shower or simply by walking! Whenever you feel on the verge of writer’s block, we recommend you to go and take a shower.

Research has shown that by doing monotonous activity like taking a shower, your brain feels relaxed and your unconscious mind is free to wander anywhere it wants to.

This way, your mind has the power to work it out and bring in some fresh new ideas from the vicinity of your world of thoughts!

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7. Give a Structure to your Story

Sometimes, you keep on writing without having any particular flow. A point comes when everything becomes haphazardly hotchpotch leaving you stuck at some point in the story.

The idea here is to map out your story. Knowing the structure and the direction of your story will help you out in overcoming your writer’s block easily.

Famous authors always use this technique to write bestsellers. You should definitely try this technique to cure your writer’s block.

8. Try  to change the voice

Sometimes, the writer’s block is because of the voice you use in writing. If you are using passive voice, try changing it to an active voice and see if it cures your writer’s block.

Hemingway app is there to help you out in correcting your prose and writing style. Give it a try and you will surely find it helpful in times of need!

9. Avoid Distractions

In  the times of social media and the internet, we all are surrounded by gadgets, constant nudging of the notifications can be a source of distraction when it comes to writing.

If you suffer from writer’s block, keep yourself away from all of such distractions. Advice is to switch your phone to flight mode.

Focus is the key when you are doing something which requires a lot of concentration like writing. Your challenge is to stay focused. One of the initiatives to stay away from such distractions is the Freedom app.

10. Do some “Character Workouts”       

You have developed the perfect plot, the storyline is mapped out perfectly, but poor character mapping is sometimes a reason for your writer’s block.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to think about your character’s reaction to a particular event in the story. That makes you vulnerable to writer’s block.

Character mapping exercises can definitely help you out to stay focused and get you out of your writer’s block.

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Have you ever run into writer’s block? How did you get out of it? Comment below your tips and techniques to curb writer’s block once and for all.

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